Conway Twitty Musical: "It’s Only Make Believe"

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wow, now this will be amazing. I'm sure this show will make it somewhere close to give myself a chance to see this musical. Conway Twitty is one of those legendary artists that I cant get enough of hearing about and listening to his music. What a distinctive voice and talent.

The musical is scheduled for a Summer 2008 tour.

For more information (including a short video,) visit:

From the press release:

It’s Only Make Believe – Is so much more than a tribute show to American Music Icon Conway Twitty whose untimely death in 1993 left a void in the world of Country Music. It’s Only Make Believe is Conway Twitty’s story told through the eyes and heart of his children. It is a loving musical scrapbook of memories that is honest, touching, funny, heartbreaking and sincere. This production will be a musical journey of his heart, from humble beginnings to Rock and Roll Idol and all the way to a pure Country Legend.

It’s Only Make Believe will be touring across the country make stops at venues of all sizes, including Performing Arts Centers, state fairs, and theaters. The show will be exclusively booked through Buddy Lee Attractions in Nashville, Tennessee.

Conway Twitty was an American Icon. He was a rock star, a country music legend and a loving father of four. Conway Twitty’s career began in Rock and Roll and landed squarely in the heart of America as the leading Country performer of his time with an all time record of 55 number one hits.


Rick said...

I was fortunate to see the final dressed rehearsal last night with family & friends and it was absolutely AMAISING! The talent in this play is a solid "world-class 10." The guy that plays Conway, and the girl who plays Loretta are STARS. It's a day later, and I'm still looking around on the web for more information because I can't quit thinking about my experience.


Gary said...

Ditto to what Rick said. The final dress rehersal of the new musical play, "It's Only Make Beleive", honoring Conway Twitty at the former Twitty City Theatre was extraordinary. The performance by the young man who portrays Conway was amazingly accurate as was the young lady who plays Loretta Lynn. The audience responded spontaneously with cheers and applause when "Conway" appeared and blew them away with his powerful growling delivery of some of Conway's best known songs. It was more than "Conwayesque". It was as if Conway came back to life. Pure entertainment at it's best.

Conway Twitty never received the honor he so richly deserved by the industry to the discredit of the CMA. My eyes filled with tears to see and hear Conway honored in this way. Perhaps finally, this show will give the fans and members of the country music industy a chance to properly honor one of the greatest music talents of the last century.

Years ago I met Paul Schaffer, the band leader for the David Letterman Show at one of Conway's famous performances given the night before Fan Fare. He told me he had always admired Conway but had never seen Conway perform and had heard how powerful Conway's live performances were. At the end of the show Paul bubbled over with praise for what he experienced that night.

For those like Paul who never had the opportunity to see and hear Conway live; to be totally mesmerized by Conway's stage presence, his larger than life persona and the power of his performance, here's a rare opportunity to experience the essence of the man, the legend.

This is what I gratefully experienced again Saturday night. I highly recommend this show, a tour de force for the producers, the cast and for the Twitty family.


ConwayFan said...

Like Rick said... This show is AMAZING! The performers are so talented... the Conway character (Glen Templeton) is right on with his vocals, and the girl who plays Loretta (Emily) is a dead ringer for her.. vocally and visually. The band is great, the girls playing Joni and Kathy (Tiffany and Amber) are great, and the featured vocalist, who plays the Sam Moore part (Todd O'Neill) in "Rainy Night in Georgia" is incredible. The singing is so good, you would swear the whole show is nothing but lip-synching if you didn't see it in person. I do wish they were in each town for more than one night though...

gen said...

Hello Darlin... That was the most amazing young man who impersonates Conway. I would see this show agaain and again. Just love this musical!! I saw Conway and Lorretta in concert in the 70's. Love them both now just as much as ever. So glad Conway is finally being honored!!