Chris Cagle & Girlfriend Arrested

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chris Cagle and his girlfriend Jennifer Tant have been arrested in Nashville on domestic assault charges. Tennessee domestic assault laws apparently have a mandatory 12 hour jail time before bond can be made. The reports say the incident occurred around 4:00 am this morning, CST.

The actual affidavit and mugshots are available on for further reading.

So far, I'm pretty impressed with the posts and reports I've read thus far. It is a news story and I believe it needs to be reported, but nothing more or less. No speculations or "gossip like" comments appearing in the stories. This is how things of this nature should be treated.

There a few lighthearted comments on some of the posts, but I certainly can't blame them. Domestic assault situations are very serious and that is why many states have very percise and strong procedures on how the situations are handled. However, reading the documents, its hard not to have human nature take over and mention the umbrella and purse assault after a being out for drinks.

I will just say this, I wish them the best in the situation before them and I hope the media will continue to just use the information available in the form of public records and not try to turn into it something more or less.