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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello everyone,

I have been pretty busy with a major project at my full time job, so not much has been done to the website in a little while. That situation will be completed in the upcoming week. I hope to update the new releases either after I write this e-mail is written or tomorrow. I will keep you updated, because I know that part of the website is very important to many of you.

Starting with this e-mail, website updates will be automatically posted to the blog as well as to your e-mail. Some of you will see duplicate messages one from your blog subscription and one from your e-mail subscription. If you are a blog reader, in which I hope you are, you will see the exact same e-mail that is sent to your inbox on the blog. If you are reading this on the blog, you can sign up on the website for e-mail updates on changes over on the website. On occasion, unannounced special contests and such are available only to e-mail update subscribers, and those will continue to be that way, but general update e-mails will be posted in both spots to keep everyone updated.

There is one change to the front page of the website. You will see in the feature spot (where the Chris Cagle welcome message was) you will see featured a new group called Carter's Chord. This group was selected by Toby Keith and has been signed to Show Dog Records. Their new single "Different Breed" is featured there and Country Music Alive visitors have the chance to hear the full song on my website. Visit the front page and take a listen, then look for their album digitally on June 17 and the CD release later on this year.

There a few people over on the discussion board. Don't be shy and try it out! Get involved in the discussions and creat new ones. Tell your friends and jump in. I think I ! have som e great site visitors and this is the place to show off your love for country music. Now, if you have suggestions for new sections of the board or want improvements, just e-mail me and let me know! You can directly access it by going to:

I need a new poll question to post of the front page... anyone have suggestions? Let me know!

Remember, I love hearing from you all! Send your comments or heck, just say hi. I love feedback in some way to know if you all are out there.. and yes, I personally respond to every single e-mail I get. The e-mail address is the apply address to the e-mail or on the blog there is a text link under the Keith Urban autograph jeans contest link. I do not type the e-mail address out due to spam issues when I do.

That does it for now, thought I would just quickly update you and will keep you posted on all the updates over on the site!

As Always, Keeping Country Music Alive!

Kirk Fitzgerald

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