Impact of the Academy of Country Music Awards

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ever wondered what is exactly the impact from an award show? I mean, we know the artists get recognized for winning the awards and its a time to celebrate the accomplishments from the past year. Its also a time for country music to have its time in prime time television. However, what other positive results become from an event of this magnitude?

Let's take a look at this year's Academy of Country Music Awards broadcast from May 18, 2008. Who really is impacted, not only fininacially, but overall, from a public relations standpoint.

First, the television network does in advertising sales. I'm sure they make a great deal of money during this event. 11.7 million viewers watched the show, in which was an increase of 26% over the past year's viewership. That made it the second-highest rated program throughout the 3-hour show. Not only financially pleasing, but solid viewership is a great thing for the network.
Second, Dick Clark Productions is greatly impacted. Not only does a good show, with high viewership maintain there long- term realtionship with the ACM, it also has allowed for further exposure of country music with a partnership to develop new concert specials, possible country-themed reality sereies, and other programming opprutunities. Not only is this good for their businesses, its even better for continued country music exposure.

Third, The Academy of Country Music really gets a lot of exposure for their cause, the overall promotion of country music. This event is 3 of the biggest events in country music to promote the music. ACM Awards and the CMA's Awards and CMA Music Fest. This is the night that The ACM gets a chance to put the best of the best in a huge spotlight and just maybe make a fan or two, in which is good for all country music.

Fourth, The artists themselves get great exposure. That exposure leads to new fans of specific artists, new fans of country music, and oh yes, album sales. Before you say, there performances really don't turn into album sales, let me prove this to you. Carrie Underwood's sales for that week grew 58%, Rodney Atkins 73%, Miranda Lambert 52%. Even the most recognized country music artist Garth Brooks had a 33% increase in album sales. Pretty amazing.

Sugarland had a 72% increase and their current single "All I Want To Do" that was performed that night gave the duo their highest chart debut single at #27, even bigger than "Want To" that debuted at #36.

Now, hopefully you see the overall impact of an event of this nature. It isn't just about the awards or the three hours of television, rather sales and the biggest opprutunity for country music to be exposed to a massive audience....