Tim McGraw's Concert Incident

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alright, its my turn to weigh in on the Tim McGraw incident this week. I know I'm quiet late, but hey, I gotta talk about this one. I have read extensively about it, and I think it was handled well.

Now, I'm just reading what I can, pretty much the same stories you have probably already read yourself. Also, there a few audio clips out there of interviews.

Here is my thought on the scenario. They guy was drunk. He probably perceived in his mind that he was just pushing a bit through the crowd, when he was actually barreling through the crowd. The guy did not intentionally hurt anyone or anything like that. Tim McGraw looked down at that particular area of the crowd and at the particular time it appeared he was hitting the female. Tim saw what he saw, made the quick decision that he needed to get security over there and have the subject removed. The guy says he didn't know why he was pulled up on stage, so he raised his hand to give Tim a "high-five" and that's when Tim drew back like he was going to hit him. Luckily, Tim made another quick decision not to actually hit him. That is probably because Tim noticed he wasn't a threat anymore. End of story.

It was just a simple incident that occurred and seems overall that was exactly handled like it should have been. Tim handled the situation correctly in what he saw, the guy was probably drunk and truly thought he was being pulled on stage to dance or something.

I must say, Tim's timing was amazing, the next line of "Indian Outlaw" Tim sang was "I'm not looking for trouble.." wow.