Nashville Star Starts Monday Night!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The sixth season of "Nashville Star" will premiere on NBC Monday, June 9 (9-11 p.m. ET) followed by 90-minute live episodes each week. This year, the longest-running cable reality competition series moves into the spotlight on NBC. With a bigger stage to play, the expectations become higher and the competition tougher as each contestant will turn to the celebrity panel that will not only judge them during the live shows, but will also provide a unique mentoring aspect to the series.

The above video is an awesome representation of what to expect.

Host Billy Ray Cyrus will join country music star, singer-songwriter and acclaimed producer John Rich and Multi-Platinum singer-songwriter and three-time Grammy nominee Jewel, along with BMI Songwriter of the Year (2006) Jeffery Steele, to bring their unique insights and experience to the show and its contestants. The winner or winners of this year's competition will receive a major recording contract with Warner Bros. Nashville and the performance of a lifetime when they take to the world's stage at the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

Will this work is the biggest question I've seen throughout the last few days in preparing for the season to begin. Its move from the USA Network is a big jump, and this year it will not be competition with American Idol for time. I believe this will help a lot. Also, the biggest thing is just one more way to expose even more people to country music.

Each season, well, most of the seasons, I've been glued to the TV to watch this series, and that's saying a lot due to I'm not that big of a TV watcher, but this series in the past has gotten me hooked.

The contestants themselves have not been announced quiet yet, but of course will be tomorrow. After tomorrow nights show, we certainly will have a good feel of whats to come. However, at the bottom is a preview of what to expect from them.

Remember to catch Nashville Star Monday night at 9pm EST on NBC!

I will of course have more to say after tomorrow's 2 hour premiere.