Kelleigh Bannen "Radio Skies"

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Just in the last few days, I reviewed a new album titled "Radio Skies" from a new artist Kelleigh Bannen. In her bio, the first paragraph reads like this:

"Most artists are content to work within the artificial and self-limiting
boundaries of genre and style that govern how many people consider music.
But then there are those for whom boundaries and genre lines are just
something to be torn up and erased in the pursuit of music that penetrates
deeper. Kelleigh Bannen is such an artist, and on her debut album, “Radio
Skies,” she reveals a depth and soulfulness that borders on astonishing,
singing songs that transcend the narrow constraints of modern country to
connect with an audience that wants something beyond the cookie cutter."

Now, normally, from here, you would start to read from me a lot of disagreement with the above statement. Well, even though I do agree with certain standards and honor tradition in country music, I do agree with a lot said above. Country music fans do indeed strive for something a little beyond a cookie cutter mentality. However, there is a limit.

Is radio "Radio Skies" out of the country music style? That's up to you to decide, I think. Everyone has different tastes in music, even with in the country music community. I am all for creativity and for something a little different. This album is a great example of something a bit new and seeing what people think of it. I highly suggest you listen to a few clips and see what you think.

The first 4 tracks of the album are available on her website, head over there and give it a listen.