Nashville Star Thoughts, Episode 5

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wow, well, what an episode of Nashville Star. One thing I really got out of this episode is how much improvement the artists showed this week, comparing to the beginning.

Boy, Pearl Heart was eliminated. I don't agree with that one, however their performance on the show wasn't as good as it was made to be by the judges. I just didn't think it was very good, however, they were right in commenting on their work ethic and I ill add their sound is incredible. I will miss them on the show for sure. I still have to wonder if there was some mix-up in numbers fans were dialing or something. I can't really see that though since the duo is Laura & Sophie and Pearl Heart has a band name for the 3some. Oh well, there is more to talk about.

Coffey I think sealed up his future on the show. It was over the top to try to compete with Gabe Garcia (more on him in a minute.) I still don't feel like he is country to me, and I don't know, just something there I'm not connecting with.

Laura & Sophie tonight showed their attitudes on the show and it probably has really hurt them. I agree with the judges that they just are at the point in their lives to be able to handle winning.

Shawn Mayer and Ashlee Hewitt I don't really think about too much really. There isn't nothing standing out about them that really make me think of them after the show is over. Decent performers, but there isn't any real connection or difference in them that makes them stand out above the others.

Gabe Garcia had an amazing performance. He will head to the final 2 performers, with Melissa Lawson. Gabe really stepped up and his performance just plain looked excellent on camera. Wow, we really have a talent there.

Melissa Lawson again had a great performance. Really enjoying her vocals and talents more and more. One thing I did hear that I really liked about her was in the little bio piece before the performance is that she mentioned working out preparing for performing nightly and such. That not only is a good idea, but, it shows me her thought process. She is confident, real, and is ready for whatever comes ahead of her.

Now, between the two. Its going to come down to something very simple who will win. 2 things. Connection to the TV audience and continued advancement in talent. Which ever connects best and show most improvement from this week to next week will win it all.

Keep watching, I sure am.