Zona Jones Signed to Rocky Comfort Records

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Wednesday it was announced that Zona Jones has been signed to Rocky Comfort Records. Your first thought may be is "who??" My first thought was "wow"!

Its been a few years since I have heard anything from Zona Jones, however, his review is still in my databse on the website of his album called "Harley's & Horses"
that was released in February 2004. Re-reading the review, I still remember the album, and will be pulling out of the CD case today. It is absolutely amazing, and believe me, I can not wait to start hearing more from Zona Jones. His new single is due out later this month from Tracy Lawrence's independent label Rocky Comfort Records.

When the single is out, I will be sure to keep you updated, until then, get excited like I am and checkout the links below"

Direct Link To My Review back a few years ago:

Listen to Zona Jones on his Myspace:

Zona Jones Website: (Coming Soon, but limited information on front page)