Country Music Alive CMA Predictions

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I get asked each year to share who exactly I would want to win, predict to win, or who I voted for in the CMA Awards. Well, I won't share my vote nor who I want to win, but I will predict the winners.

Well, first, I will make the prediction that this year's shows ratings will be high. Second, the performances will be enjoyable, yet nothing that will have people talking for days to come. Maybe just the day after. Whomever the secret guest is will be pretty cool, yet again, no one that deserves too much hype. It will be a solid show, as is every year, with a great look at the past year's country music. We are in for a real enjoyable evening. It is worth getting excited about.

As far as the actual performances... I think the highlights will be Kenny Chesney with The Wailers and Brad Paisley with Keith Urban. We already know what songs those two will do, but it will be great to see these performers do their songs together on stage. A nice treat that fans may never see again... The others will be great performances, but just may not be able to top these duets.

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Now who will win? Good question, we will know the answer tomorrow night, but here is who I predict will win.....

Entertainer: Kenny Chesney. He has had another strong tour and stays in the forefront of the mind of country music all year long. Brad Paisley is also a good choice here, but just have a feeling Chesney will take it again this year.

Female: Taylor Swift. It's such a close call between Swift and Carrie Underwood. However, something just tells me that its Swift's year to take this one home.

Male: Brad Paisley. Great hit singles, the instrumental album announcement, and just all around great choice here. Even though the album would have not been released at the time of voting, there was enough talk about it to help him here.

New Artist: Lady Antebellum. This is the toughest category to pick. Each and every artist deserves it and are strong. I tell you, this prediction was almost random.

Group: Rascal Flatts. They own the category and will take it home this year as well. They have won it since 2003...

Duo: Sugarland. They have had a great year, so much of a good year to edge out the others.

Single: "Stay." A powerhouse song that most likely will take it over "You're Gonna Miss This" due to a cross over success.

Album: "Troubador." A solid country album, and what can I say... its a George Strait album.

Song: "Stay." Just think this song was so well written it will carry its own weight to winning the award. A tough category, all these songs are so well written.

Event: "Shiftwork" A song that has been on radio for a long time and brings together 2 styles of country music very nicely.

Video: "Waitin' On A Woman." Andy Griffith is in it, need I say more.

Musician: Brent Mason.

Well there you go! Those are my predictions... make your own predictions and we will see how well we do tomorrow night! Download Prediction Form!