Reba McEntire Moves to Valory Records

Monday, November 17, 2008

Reba McEntire is moving to Valory Music Group. This label is a small start-up independent label that has been around about a year and has Jewel, Emerson Drive, Jimmy Wayne, and Justin Moore signed. It is a sister label to Big Machine Records, the home of Taylor Swift, Trisha Yearwood, Jack Ingram, Danielle Peck, Adam Gregory, Sunny Sweeney, and Kate & Kacey.

Reba McEntire was with MCA Nashville, one of the largest labels in country music and has been with them since day one of her career. Why in the world would she leave MCA-Nashville...

First, Valory Music has an agreement with Universal Music Group Distribution... the owners of MCA-Nashville. So, not entirely is it a full separation from MCA. Her music will make its way to stores using the same path as they had in the past... basically no change there.

Second, The president and CEO of Valory Music Group is Scott Borchetta. McEntire and Borchetta worked together while he was at MCA-Nashville. In fact, 14 #1 singles and 22 million albums were sold under the readership of Borchetta. So, she is getting to work with someone she has worked for in the past.

Third, I expect McEntire is ready to take her career in a new direction... opening a new door in her musical career. A smaller label allows the artist to be a little more flexible on when to record an album. Also, a freedom comes along with it too. Independent labels also seem to allow a little more room to records what she wants, not necessarily what the label wants and what they think is marketable. Now, that is still a part of the decisions, but not as much as a large label such as Universal Music Group.

I think this deal has been in the works for sometime. The release of her new boxset is a nice closing to her career at MCA. Now looking back on it, it certainly was some foreshadowing going on for sure.

I think this move is very interesting. We will find out if it affects her sales, her musical style and expression of country music. Time will only tell if it was the right move...

The first single from Reba McEntire on Valory Music will be released in the Spring of 2009. The debut album will arrive in stores in late Summer.

Her final MCA-Nashville project, Reba: 50 Greatest Hits 3-disc boxset was released October 28.

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Steven said...

um, actually, reba signed with mercury, first. then, mca. thanks.