Day 5: Toby Keith Week!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Want to win a copy of Toby Keith's newest CD "That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy" and an autographed picture from the "Biggest and Baddest Tour?" Its easy. Just e-mail the name of the song you see in the video below, your name and city/state. Include "Day 5" in the subject line. The e-mail address is:

Each of the 5 days, you will be entered into the random drawing for the prize pack. Entries for each day are due by 11:59pm EST. You can only win once, and one entry person. No advanced entries are allowed, because you need the name of the video below....

Today's video is "Get Drunk And Be Somebody" from the 2006 album "White Trash With Money."

Today's Toby Keith Fact: Toby Keith released "35 Greatest Hits" album in 2008.

The newest album from Toby Keith is available now for download and in stores!

Hope you had good luck during Toby Keith Week! A special thanks to Universal Music Group for their support of making Toby Keith week happen!