Album Review: "Call Me Crazy" Lee Ann Womack

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Lee Ann Womack’s newest album is her first since 2005. 3 years is a long time between albums, however, Call Me Crazy was worth the wait. Believe me. This isn’t just another country album. No way.

You see, this album here is something special. It proves to me and so many others many things. First, country music as we know it is not dead. Second, you can create a true traditional country album and still maintain a contemporary sound. Third, Tony Brown is a master of producing a real-deal country album, and not just for George Strait.

The debut single and first track of the album, “Last Call” is a perfect introduction to what can be found on this album, a solid country song. When you listen to this album, you will quickly find a common theme to the album… vocal delivery of perfection, lyrical strength that can’t be matched, and traditional country music sounds. “Last Call” just starts what is in store from Womack. “Either Way” and “Solitary Thinking” both demonstrates this point further.

In the middle of the album, where most albums may drift off a bit, Womack remains strong and maybe even stronger than the first third of the album. For example, “The Bees” written by Natalie Hemby and Daniel Tashian is a song with a great tempo and crisp, clear vocal delivery from Womack with some really some simple, yet incredible lyrics…A song about looking for the sweeter side of life and noticing it in family after returning from work. This lyric must be read and heard, no doubt. At just over five minutes long, it will never see the airwaves, but then again, this song may be too good for radio anyway. A revival best song on the album comes very next. “I Think I Know” written by Tom Shapiro, Mark Nesler, and Tony Martin is a song that will grab the attention of any true country music fan with names such as Keith Whitley, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash being sung about. A song about what truly led to the death of these artists… well, I’ll leave it up to you to check out this song to find out.

“Everything But Quits” is a duet with George Strait that is quite nice and just plain ol’ country fun. A song about a relationship that isn’t going too well, yet stays strong, Womack and Strait match up perfectly in vocal delivery and style. You can’t really ask for a nicer duet. After the duet, you are treated to Womack singing one of Strait’s classic hits, “The King of Broken Hearts.” Again, a great vocal delivery, and the tempo of the song remains untouched. Since you just heard Strait sing, you can still hear is voice in your head as Womack shares her vocals with you.

The album ends with a catchy tune “The Story of My Life” that will keep you singing the chorus for a many hours after you stop listening, and for once, you won’t be irritated by having it stuck in your head, rather happy and relaxed.

I can’t see how you couldn’t love this album. This album is one of the best albums country music fans have heard in a good long time. It’s refreshing, enjoyable, and most definitely true country music. Call me crazy, but I will never be able to get enough of listening to this album.


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i have listen to some of her sounds really good...

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