My Pick Songs: January 8, 2009

Thursday, January 08, 2009

This new feature will take some time to get going an such, but here are three songs I'm really loving this past week. They may be brand new hit singles or the most classic country song you can find, but this is what I've been listening to this week. You may have heard them before or it may be something you've never heard... but always they will be worth checking out.

"The Bees"-- Lee Ann Womack
Country music doesn't get better than this. A Great song from Lee Ann Womack's newest album.

"God Love Her"--Toby Keith
Such a Toby Keith styled song. A great listen and just screams Toby.

"Voices"--Chris Young
Great vocal and just a damn good song to crank up just a little bit.

Feel free to post your comments on what you are listening to this week....


SuzMcKenna said...

Heck yeah, Chris Young has a GREAT VOCAL on "Voices" and it's a damn good song! I can't hear this song enough! I'm also loving his next single "Gettin' You Home" which is due out to radio on Feb 2nd!!! :) But you can hear it on his Myspace page right now!

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see people finally starting to recognize the talent of Chris Young. If you enjoyed listenin to "Voices" then you really need to hear "Gettin You Home" which is due to be released to radio on Feb. 2nd and is on the "Voices" CD due out in May.
Thank you so much for listenin to Chris and seein what a lot of CY fans have known for a long time...

Anonymous said...

I love the song Voices and can't understand why it is not a huge hit. Chris Young has a new single Gettin' You Home that will be released to radio on Feb 2. Chris deserves to be a big star and I can't wait till everyone knows who he is.

Kari said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chris Young's VOICES! This song is ALL about family and the influences they have on our lives! What an awesome tribute to them. I heard Chris co-wrote this with Craig Wiseman! Now, THAT is sensational!

And of course, not to mention his GREAT vocals. Chris is ONE of the best in Country Music! And yes, check out his new single as well. You will be blown away! Actually, I'm blown away with just about anything he does. He's that TALENTED <3