Country Music Alive Schedule

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You may just noticed the new weekly chart has been posted. I thought I would give you a run-down of the schedule I am going to attempt to follow each week. Of course, it may change from week-to-week, and depending on my schedule, it may be off a bit, or something may be omitted on occasion... however, this is what I am going to try out:  

Sunday- Country Music Alive Chart 
This chart combines 10 different country music song charts, some from the Internet, GAC, CMT, Billboard, I-Tunes, and a few radio airplay charts. Then they are weighted based on my personal decision on how important they are. The songs are scored and the top 5 are published on the blog. Very soon, they will be featured on the website as well.

Monday- Feedback & Questions and Answers
I will search through some of the searches done to find this blog and be sure the terms that were searched are answered directly, if not already posted. Also, any questions I get from you, the readers, will be answered in this feature as well. So, if you end up on this blog one day, and then don't find your exact topic, check back on Mondays.

Tuesday- Album Review
It could be a brand new release or a CD from many years ago, a new review each Tuesday!

Wednesday- CMA Close-Up Article
This is an article released by The Country Music Association weekly. Always an interesting read and is the only thing written by someone other than myself.

Thursday- Current Country Music Alive Picks
This should be a fairly short list of favorite songs I am currently listening to in the past week. Probably 3-5 songs of interest.

Friday- Release Dates
List of upcoming releases that will come out Tuesday of the upcoming week.

Saturday- News of the Week
Summary of news items from the past week, some small tidbits as well as the more known stories.