2009 43rd Annual CMA Awards: Commentary

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Now the show is over, the parties have ended, and the awards have been given out it is time to reflect back on the show from yesterday...

First, some shameless self-promotion... I predicted correctly video, event, album, duo, female, musician, and entertainer awards (7). Not so good on new artist, song, group, male, and single (6.) So hey, not bad.

Personally, the award winners overall I believe were the right choices, overall. A few misses and a few that were so close in their merits, there was no way to pick a true winner. When voting, I must say it was really tough to choose. Two big surprises of the night, that were pleasant surprises was Lady Antebellum for Group and Single, and of course what seems to be one of the biggest headlines of the show Darius Rucker winning New Artist of the Year.

Rucker's win was so great, his performance and his acceptance speech were of such high class. Yes, I know he is not new to music or performing, but there was something special about him that night. When he said thanks to the fans for accepting him.. I don't think he was exclusively talking about his color of skin, rather more so allowing a pop artist come to country music and perform country music, and be accepted. Accepted, to say the least Darius.. try welcomed and the gratitude of the fans show through the straight #1 songs. Quiet impressive for a "new artist" I'd say.

For the performances, it was an interesting year. They were actually very good, overall. Some year's not so much, this year, right on. Each and everyone of them were enjoyable and full of energy. The first performance of Taylor Swift, when watching it live, I thought was a miss, but the second watch it was actually pretty good. Whatever your thought on her first performance was, the second time around certainly made up for it! Overall, this year's show really showcased not only the pop-country styles, but, real country as well that has come to be such a trending focus of country music of present. In the past years, I'd never imagine Jamey Johnson being on stage.. or Daughtry and Vince Gill doing such a great song... the list goes on.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood as hosts have now established themselves as great hosts. Entertaining, representative of the music, made the show a lot of fun, and kept the show moving along at a good pace. They made this year's show just even better.

The show should showcase the music of the past year and its performers, but also be a summary of the overall sound, and this year I feel The CMA did this perfectly.

Another year is complete... let the countdown begin to the 44th CMA Awards, a year is a long time in the world of country music and I'm excited to see whats in store...