Chely Wright/New Richmond Country Radio

Friday, October 15, 2004

It is so awsome to see Chely Wright on FOX's Dayside program talking about her experiences in Iraq. Just a nice gesture for her to do and I know that our troops appreciated her visit. Wright's appearance though wasnt to brag or try to make a deal out of it, but more so share the experience with us. That little interview was so nice to see.

Some local country music news. Richmond, VA now has another country radio station. This isnt the first time we have had 2 country stations in the market. They come and they go it seems. No one can seem to beat out WKHK-95.3 K95. I sure hope this station can however. K95 falls right into the mold of the typical radio station, especially country. Take 35 songs or so and play them all the time, with obnoxious and un-country educated disc jockeys. Of course, not all DJs are like that, but K95 has done a pretty good job of finding them. The new one is called 93.1 The Wolf. It used to be a smooth jazz station. They are just getting started. But so far, it is an great change. Sure, they play the top 40 like country, but they throw in a lot of the older music from what I can hear so far about the late 80's. I hope they will broaden out even more and grab into some of the even more classic sounds. Just have to see. The Wolf has an edge to it. Its programming is seemingly marketed to a male than female. Also, so far, it seems to be guided in a more dedicated country fan.

Best wishes to The Wolf and lets keep praying they continue to grow and they keep up what they are doing. It would be a breath of fresh air to have them truly give K95 a run for their money.


Anonymous said...

I found 93.1 "The Wolf" this weekend on the radio & listened to it all weekend long. It's great! And although I have heard that it's more male-oriented, I have to say that as a woman I really enjoyed the music they chose. I hope this station only gets better & remains in Richmond for a long time. K95 is a good station, but it gets very boring to listen to. I look forward to listening to a station like The Wolf that will play good country music without falling into the same pattern K95 has.

Anonymous said...

It may have been a nice interview, but there's that whole other thing with coaching some handpicked fan club members to lie about military servce to get spins.