CMA Awards 2005

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Today the news hit my e-mail inbox that the 2005 CMA Awards will move to New York City, just for the year. It has been talked about for awhile and thrown around publicaly. If you don't know me, you should know the CMA Award night is probably my most favorite day of the year. It has been since I was very young. I think that this decision can go 2 ways. Either the best thing to ever happen to the show or the worst.

New York currently does not have a country music radio station. One of the largest media centers in the world, does not have a country station. Very few concerts from country acts even go up there, and I expect sales are slow in that area. So, if moving the show up there for this one year's show is marketed just right, over the next year and not just before the show, it may actually hook some new fans. The CMA also needs to put on the pressure to get a country radio station up there. Do it through the artists and get the word out to the fans in that area to get the support. There are country fans in the area. I know some of them and know they want country music and would support it.

Now, how can they go wrong? Easy. Don't take the time and gain support for the show. If they don't do this, what will happen is that country music will be laughed at, basically. It will just be a one night deal and hardly no coverage, and will be a hick convention in New York.

If they do it right... which I hope and think they will, it will educate, if you will, the people of New York on the talent, compassion, and power of country music. Time will tell...

404 days, 20 hours to go... I hope The CMA is hard at planning.