Country Music Is Really Alive...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I am a volunteer for, where I answer
questions through an e-mail form that the information
seeker fills out with their question and then I respond
back with an answer. Most of the time I know the answer
or can find the information fairly quickly. Most of the
time, I deal with a lot of "Who sings..." or "Can you tell
me what this song is.." kind of questions.

However, yesterday, I recieved a question from the service
where he inquired about suggestions of artists he could
listen to. He explained that he is fairly new to country
and more of a rock music fan. I suggested a few artists,
such as Montgomery Gentry and Keith Urban to give a try.

That is the great thing about country music. No matter if
you like more of a rock sound, a pop sound, or any other
style of music... there is room for your likeness in the
country music community.

Country music has to be one of the most special types of
music because there is so very many sounds under the
category. From the classic traditional sounds of Hank
Williams Sr. to the newest single from Big & Rich we all
share one thing. The love of country music. Now, it can
be argued what exactly country music is, but let's face
it, country music has grown into a very large style with

I also have found in keeping in touch with new country
music fans that once they get hooked on one style or
artist, it grows from there into liking more and more.

All it takes is one artist or one song to hook a new fan.
I know yesterday a new fan was born. I also know it
happens everyday over and over. Yes, country music fans
are truly born. With country's powerful lyrics that are
true to life, the first time listner starts seeing life in
a new light. This new look, a re-birth, is a happier way
of looking a life's challenges.