Cooter Spoke Out On Movie

Monday, July 18, 2005

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The Dukes of Hazzard movie is about ready to be released, August 12th to be exact. It finally recieved a rating of PG-13. I have seen the trailer and read some about it. I agree that is not going to be like the show we all love, however, what is these days? Any remake of any show, movie, song, or anything else isn't the same. Yes, it is a shame at times that the world has become full of sexual innuendo, fast pace lifestyle, and laxed moral responsibility. That is how the world is, we can't really change that and this new movie is just one of so very many examples of this.

Now, Ben "Cooter" Jones' is entitled to his thoughts, I love that very much. And yes, I do agree with him quiet a bit on what he had to say about the movie. At the same time though, IF the Dukes were a new concept today and started to air this week. It would have a major following and it would be just like what I expect the movie will be like. It is plain and simple; a sign of the times. Nothing more, nothing less.

I agree with Jones as well on that it isn't for children. However, I don't agree that fans of the Dukes shouldn't see it. Sure it is not the same, but it is just another enjoyable extenstion of being a fan. Yes, most probably will be disappointed in the movie, but let's not rush to full judgement until it is out and seen.

The "If you don't clean it up, we're not going to see it." thought sounds great on paper. However, the "big industry" isn't scared nor will it have a major effect on the sales. In fact, all it is doing is gaining more exposure for the movie, which equals even more sales. That's all it does. For the person that tells someone they aren't going to see it, there is one more person that knows about the movie. A potential "replacement" for the person not seeing it. Then, you will probably tell more than one person. So, you end up supporting sales.

I will go see the movie, most likely in the theater and not wait for DVD, and fairly soon after its release. Why? Because I am interested in seeing it, a fan of the Dukes, and the simplest reason-entertainment.