Good Song or Just Overplayed

Monday, July 25, 2005

Country radio, among other sources of music such as cable
networks these days play songs over and over. We know
that. Is it because the song is really that good or is it
just overplayed so much it becomes so familiar that we
think it is a good song?

I'm thinking the 2nd option.

Of those songs we here hour after hour, do you really miss
hearing it after it is done with its time in the
spotlight? Very rarely do.. think about it. Don't you
think it was truly a good song, that you would miss it at
least some?

Sure, rarely, a song that is truly 1-country and 2-good
gets plenty of radio time, don't get me wrong in thinking
that every song that is overplayed is bad. It's not
totally so, but certainly close.

If the stations would take just a little time to cut down
on the overplaying and make room for other songs, just
maybe you can find something decent on country radio. I
won't hold my breath, that's for sure. Thank God for my
own CD collection and XM Radio.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I don't listen to radio much because it is terribly boring. The same songs over and over. One of our local stations made a big deal of not playing the same songs over and over but they still do. I usually discover a song by seeing a video on GAC or CMT (mostly GAC). I go buy the CD and mostly I am delighted with the music. Right now I am playing Jason Aldean and the Warren Brothers. Both of these are fantastic. I love every song. The Warren Brothers deserve some respect as artists and play time on the radio. I love them. They are so real and their songs are about real life too. Have you listened to their new CD. One of the songs,"Where does it hurt", just about brings me to tears it is so powerful. Our local disc jockey made a joke about Faith Hill and the Warren Brothers CD being released the same day and if you could only buy one, it was a no-brainer which one you should get(meaning Faith Hill of course). I immediately went out and bought the Warren Brothers CD and I am so happy I did. I hated the last Faith Hill CD. They will play her no matter what crap she puts out but never play the Warren Brothers. They don't even give them a chance. I hate that. What can we do to change this situation? I would appreciate any suggestions.