Gretchen Wilson: Personally Energizing!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Engergizing. That is the best word to describe the feeling pumping through my body tonight after seeing Gretchen Wilson. The full review will be posted soon to the website and it will probably get a run in the newsletter, however, I wanted to share a more of a "personal" experience with you, rather than the "proffesional."

Tonight I truly understood Gretchen Wilson's connection with her biggest fans. I have loved her music, talent, and persona since day one. I couldn't wait for the new album that hit stores to come out. However, tonight, I got to see first hand wait her relationship is with her "target fan base." (middle 20's southern living mother with a young daughter) One row in front of me was an example of just that. It hit home on so many levels.

For mother and daughter, tonight seemed like a esacpe to paradise for 2 hours from the day to day life. I don't know her life story, but I'm sure there is one that an escape was much enjoyed and most of all deserved. Daughter with matching beautiful brownn hair and big eyes just like her Mom, so happy seeing Mom have a good time and loving the attention from Mom as she helped her little hands happily swaying in the air.

Mom singing along with just about every song , a feeling of living Gretchen's world, even just a enough of it to make the connection, could be seen in her eyes. Daughter joining in with Mom on every word of "Redneck Woman." Something I won't forget anytime soon, that is for sure.

Gretchen Wilson is more than a singer. She has become a positive role model for so very many in that you can have your dreams come true when you put your mind to it, give it a try, and create the lifestyle you wish. The talent in amazing vocals, great song selection to carry her message, and stage presence certainly helps to deliver the message, but that's not all she is about.

I've read about it, heard about it, and knew exsisted, but tonight, I saw it. Seeing this, pushed my energy level to a new level for country music and life in general.

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Nashville's Radio Ratings

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Arbitron ratings are in for the #44 market in the US, Nashville, TN. Want to take a guess at what radio format is #1 in Nashville, the home of country music?

Talk? Sports? Nope, take another guess.
Pop? Nope. Sorry.
Country? Nope.

Try Urban. No, we aren't talking Keith Urban either. Scary huh? The city that takes great pride in its country music doesn't have the radio market. Shouldn't that wake up the people that work in the country music industry that work in Nashville there may be a problem? Well, they would notice if people that create the music actually liked the music in the first place.

The home of the Grand Ole Opry.... 8th. Sadly.

#1 WUBT Urban
#2 WCJK Adult Hits
#3 WRQQ Oldies
#4 WRVW Top 40
#5 WJXA Adult Contemporary
#6 WSIX Country
#7 WNRQ Classic Rock
#8 WSM Country
#9 WQQK Urban Adult Contemp.
#10 WKDF Country

"The" Annulment

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Goodness gracious, Has it been reported enough already?

Have you tried to read about the whole Chesney and Zellweger story? Well, if you have, you have noticed its the same story over and over, just reprinted. At least I took the time in my report on it in my newsletter to do a little research and give my readers the definition of fraud.

Also, it should have been a short and sweet type deal. Not being blown out into every media market and make to be some story of the century, in which by about Tuesday, will be old news and will be treated like it should.

They have asked for privacy, and I respect that issue, however, there is a lot of fans of both parties involved and its human nature to want to know more. I feel, in due time, we will know more and the story will be told. For now, its time for everyone to chill out.

Hall of Fame Inductees 2 out 3 good

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ok, what is going on here. The inductees for the Hall of Fame have been announced. Deford Bailey, Glen Campbell, and Alabama. Huh? Alabama.... come on.

First of all, the first two. Deford Bailey is an great pick to be inducted. Too bad that it wasn't done when Roy Acuff and other legendary members of the Opry were around to see it. Thankfully, some still are with us.

There is an excellent website on the PBS site on him. It is very interesting and a must visit:

Glen Campbell is an artist I love and has done a lot for country music and its sound. Well deserved.

now, Alabama...
Come on. Their career "farewell tour" that I thought would never end, has just finished up. They may deserve a place in the Hall one day, as leaders in being labeled as country music when they actually are just a toned down rock band for the most part to me. However, that isn't the issue. The issue is why now? There so many others that belong shrined right now- today before they are even considered.

I could go on and on with a list of people that deserve this highest honor country music can give. That is my issue with this pick, not that they may not belong, but who belongs before them.

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Universal Shuts Down DreamWorks Nashville

Universal Shuts Down DreamWorks Nashville

A day after Toby Keith announced his new label plans, Dreamworks Nashville is going away. This is yet another example of what happens in the industry. Music is a huge business. Universal Music Group is massive in size. The Dreamworks superstar is now gone from the label, so, everyone that was on Dreamworks: Darryl Worley, Tracy Lawrence, Jessica Andrews, Jimmy Wayne, Hot Apple Pie and newcomer Tori Baxley are now in a position of wondering if they have a job or not. Most reports say they will be shuffled over to one of the other Universal Music Group labels: MCA Nashville, Mercury Nashville and Lost Highway Records.

What I think is we need even more of these independent labels to come around and many more "superstars" to leave. Show the music fan what the artists can really do and want to do. The inde label has been a huge trend, and it will continue to be. I think though, it is time for even more to take Toby Keith's lead. These big labels only have one thing in mind, making money. That means suffocating the artists with boundaries and "safe zones" of music. They are basically told what to do. I don't blame the artists fully either for it. If my boss told me that this is what we are doing and if you don't, you don't have a job, well, I would probably suck it up as well.

I guaranteee you the quality of music we get from Toby Keith in his next album will be his best yet. Stay tuned and we will see...