Dick Shuey: OPINION: A Sunday Point Of View - "Line Em' Up...Moooove Em' Out"

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Here is a editorial opinion of Dick Shuey over at TwangTownUSA.com. Now before I share it, you must understand, I have been reading Shuey's comments, thoughts, and news for a very long time. His information is one of the reasons that allows me to keep up in all aspects of country music. Over the years, I have learned much about him. First, he doesn't hold back, as you can see. Secondly, he know his music and loves it beyond words. You can tell easily by visiting his website and reading just a bit, that he is a strong supporter of real country music and also independent artists, that I too believe are such an important part of the country music industry. Now...on to his comments today:

Sunday - 05 August 2007

OPINION: A Sunday Point Of View - "Line Em' Up...Moooove Em' Out"

By Dick Shuey

It is pretty common knowledge by now what the problems are with our Country Music Industry.

Everybody wonders what happened...and when we step back and take a look it isn't hard to understand why the Record Industry can't see the forest for the trees.

Those trees are the cowboys and cowgirls they have lined up put a hat on them...sent them to voice classes and the makeup artists ...bought them a wardrobe ...tell them what to sing ... what to say and try to make them something they just ain't. What a joke...!!!

They all look alike...they all sound alike and they have no style. They look pretty on the cover of a magazine and that's about extent of it. Out of a hundred they may get lucky and end up with one artist who may make some noise. Maybe.

When are they ever going to learn the country music fan isn't stupid.

These so called cowboys and cowgirls aren't even country...THEY ARE POP ARISTS...created in some ivory tower on music row. A new York / LA mentality....bless their hearts.

They just spent a 100 million dollars on trying to make a 100 country music star wannabe's out of a kareoke singers....and they haven't figured out yet why their financial state is in the sewer. If the artist doesn't sell a half of million records on their first release the Record Company drops them and they are never heard of again.

They are herding these unknown artists like cattle and driving them to the slaughter house.

Now you can understand why everything sounds the same on just about all the corporate country radio stations no matter where you are in the U.S.A.

I'd luv' to hear some great country artists and stylist in the vain of Dale Watson & Patty Booker on these radio stations...just to name a couple that come to mind. And they ain't kareoke singers...trust me....and they are working steady and have been for a long time.

It amazes me that the guy's sitting in those high towers in the suits haven't figured it out yet.

They don't have a clue on what a country music record should sound like.

It's time that we "Line Em' Up & Moooove Them Out".

Now.. my thoughts,

I believe there a lot of issues in country music, that is for sure. Shuey raises some great points. Just a post or two back, I talked about The Wreckers new single being re-titled by the label. That is just a small example of the control the big labels have on their artists. You can hear it on the albums. Collectively, they all sound the same. Those corporate people think they know what we want to hear, get those artists to record those songs, and release them on their way to the store shelves. That leads to all the radio stations playing the same sound songs and their corporate world follows right in line. They think they know what the listeners want to hear, what order, and even what the DJs do and sound like.

It really bugs me to know so many great artists are out there and producing the music that truly makes country music special, however, those aren't the ones heard. Without the chance of even being heard, they are just passed on by and those of us that love more than just what we hear of the radio have to really search out those gems.

A lot of country music artists we hear today are pop artists on a country label and dressed up for the country look. Now, those artists I pass by. What really gets me is there are some artists buried on these major labels that really are country artists but then are forced to stay within the guidelines of these corporate decisions to continue to earn their living. It really is sad. They know what country music is, know how to sing it, want to sing it, yet their hands are tied tight behind their backs.

Why hasn't the trend changed, you may ask? Well, thats easy! You spend your dollars on what they create. Until the money dries up, no one is getting out of the line and moved out. Only the true country music artists that have reached a superstar status can do what they wish with their music, and that is even controlled.

Sure I enjoy a lot of the country music out there on radio, but I understand it is not country. Most of it anyway, I must say, there some exceptions to the general rule. Some of what we hear on radio is from country music artists, but they are indeed the exception. Those exceptions I don't feel are even allowed to do what they really want.

I dream of a day that there is a chance for real country music to be heard, to be given the chance to be on the mainstream country music airwaves. With that chance, I believe the listeners will see what country music really is.

You have heard from Dick Shuey, you've heard from me, what do YOU think? Share it.. Post your comments here and also visit Dick Shuey over at TwangTown USA at http://www.twangtownusa.com/