Missing From the Hall of Fame

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oaks and Mandrell top readers' list for Hall of Fame (Tennessean.com)

I ran across the above article that was in Nashville's paper Wednesday. Pretty cool article on who should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I even posted the question on my message board and Google group, with no activity, so I found it to be quiet interesting.

If you haven't read the article above, here is the top 10 from their unofficial poll:
Oak Ridge Boys
Barbara Mandrell
Hank Locklin
Statler Brothers
Tom T. Hall
Connie Smith
Jean Shepard
Dottie West
Ronnie Milsap
Lynn Anderson

Some amazing talents on that list, no doubt. Wow, its unbelievable that some of these important individuals have not made it in. Especially considering some of the names that have gone into the Hall of Fame already. Think about it, some of hottest current artists such as Vince Gill and George Strait have made their way into the Hall already. Personally, I think there are plenty of years to go for those type artists to make it in. They are still contributing to their careers. Now, I'm not saying the list above aren't contributing still, respectfully with the exception of the one that have passed away (Dottie West.) However, the names above have strongly established their mark on country music.

I hope that the nominating committee will take a hard look at this article and remember next year about these artists. They really deserve the highest honor of a country music artist. They really have some catching up to do, and in the proper way. I am not a big supporter of the large group of inductees, rather be sure next year's inductees come from the list above.

What I found interesting as well about the article is how passionate the comments are about the article below. Readers were very interested in this topic. Take a look at them. The Oak Ride Boys supporters are strong in their beliefs. That makes me very happy. Why? Well, it shows the passion of country music fans is still alive and well. That, my country music friends, is one of the many differences in country music fans vs. other music fans. Country fans are certainly in a breed of their own, and I am so proud to be a part of it.