Rascal Flatts "Still Feels Good" Marketing

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rascal Flatts Wake-Up Calls

Now, this is some good marketing. Maybe last year during the sales the day after Thanksgiving one of the major retailers offered a service like this.

On September 25, the release date for their new album, you can sign-up for either your favorite member of the band or the entire band to call your cell phone with a reminder that the album is now in stores. Of course, its going to be a recorded message type auto-caller, but what a great use for this service. Unless you check my album release dates every Tuesday morning or a Rascal Flatts super fan, it is easy to have the release date slip your mind. I have a feeling that this service is actually going to help first day sales a little bit.

My Coke Rewards

Here is another cool thing, My Coke Rewards members get the chance to hear the album on September 23 on their website. Also, they will replay it on the release date.

In these days of high competition, you have got to be creative. Whether you like the band or not, got to admit that their marketing staff have been hard at work. Now, of course, I always like the idea of just clicking over on Amazon, pre-ordering, and having new music delivered to my front door.