The Success of Taylor Swift

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

  • On Billboard's Top 200 for 42 weeks, currently #16, peaking at #13

  • 5 weeks (and counting) at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Album Chart

  • 1.1 Million albums sold (Platnium Record)

  • Co-wrote all tracks on the album, 3 solo writing credit of the 11 tracks

  • #1 selling album for Big Machine Records

  • 15th most visited MySpace Music Page

  • Over 20 Million streams on MySpace

  • 3rd best selling country artist of 2007

Pretty amazing huh? I'd say so. How about throwing into the mix, she is only 17 years old. December 13 she will turn 18. Taylor Swift is one of the hottest names in the country music business today.

Why? Here is why I think...

  1. She is connecting with her fan base, big time. The bulls eye target base of young females. They can really relate to the music of Swift, that still is in high school. The rest of country music fans are loving her too, don't be mistaken. Take a look at her website, not many artists have concert photos are of fans on their sites.

  2. Talented, talented, talented. Co-writing songs that are written in proper country style about life that connect with the listener, distinctive vocals that just make you melt, and the label picking the correct songs from the album to release to radio, like "Tim McGraw" as the first single to get people talking
  3. Role model, for the younger generation. This is something country music has been lacking a bit for awhile. Swift is a great role model, especially for young females. Swift dresses nicely, does very good in school (public school), just read her myspace bio and her label bio. You will see what I am talking about.

There many other reasons I'm sure, I have a feeling her live show is amazing. Hopefully, I will get to see it soon.

Only 17, a debut album with huge success, and many positive qualities to her, its pretty cool to think what is head of this talented young lady.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a fan and I really didn't want to be. Thought she was too young Hadn't paid dues. Couldn't really write songs anyone could relate to over 20. I was wrong. She's an old soul with a sweet voice.