CMA Nominations: The Day After Thoughts

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, the list is out. Time to look through the list and begin to think about what's missing and what did make the list. This year though, I don't see many "shocks" or anything missing, but one song. "More Than A Memory" I thought for sure would make the nominations for Song of the Year, but then again, looking at the list, which song would come off?

We have a ways to go before the winners are announced, but the Country Music Alive guide to the CMA's has been posted today. It includes all the quick links to download or buy CMA nominated music, a downloadable PDF that you can use to predict the winners, and once we start to hear names of performers and presenters, they will be posted as well. is the site to visit.

That will be all for now on this topic. We still have to get through September and October.