Study Says Country Fans Are Outgoing and Hardworking

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A very interesting study is taking place at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The study is ongoing and you can also participate.  This study is looking at the relationship between a person's music interest and their personality.

Through 36,500 responses from around the world, Professor Adrian North has been looking at this link  Most of his findings thus far are not so much surprising, rather, supplies documentation.  An with this type study, it takes the issue from being a stereotype to fact.

Classical music listeners seem to be creative, at ease, have high self esteem, but not very outgoing.  Rap fans are outgoing and have high self esteem.  Rock and Roll fans are not very gentle, but at ease, high self esteem, are creative, hardworking, and not very outgoing.

Country music fans the study shows as hardworking and outgoing.  The traits lead to having characteristics like  arousing, celebratory, and stimulating.  That really sums the country music fan up really well.  

Have you ever been to The CMA Music Festival and stood in line for an artist autograph and talked to the people around you and maybe even made a friend?  Have you been to a concert and talked to the people around you between set changes?  How about talking to a friend or something about an artist and someone else joins the conversation?  Country music fans are very outgoing, and friendly as well I believe.  Hardworking is also very true.  If you are reading this, you are probably a country fan.  Think about your own life.  What kind of hours do you keep at work?  On top of that, what else do you do in daily life.. hobbies? traveling? family? outings with friend? concerts? We live very busy lives that I believe equate to hard work.  But, work as in the sense of jobs... country music fans are indeed hardworking.  The fans of the music are the blue collar workers, the service jobs, medical field such as nursing, military, and jobs that keep odd hours and hard work when we are.  At concerts or any event where country music fans are apart of, we love having a lot going on to keep us being stimulated, and when proper, celebratory.  We get excited about our music taste and truly love it.  Don't you agree?

Now, of course, the study doesn't mean only these certain types of people listen to a certain style of music.Country music listeners are of all types of personalities, lifestyles, and charaestics.  However, as a whole, I really do agree with the findings thus far.  

What do we learn from this study?  Well, like I said, it confirms alot of what people thought of traits of certain music tastes.  With information of this nature, the record labels can you use it marketing decisions, the same with advertisers.  They have more information to use to target their audience.  Now country music may not really need this information, I think the advertisers really understand the country music audience very well, but certainly may help in other styles of music.  In fact, an upcoming blog will be dealing with product endorsements of country music artists that deal with just this type of topic.

This particular portion of the study appears to be over, however, the website does have what appears to be a related questionnaire on the study website now.  If you would like to take the quick survey, visit

To read more detail, including a small audio clip from the professor, and more personality traits of other styles of music visit: