Brad Paisley: Instrumental Album

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yes, you read the title line correctly, the next project from Brad Paisley will be an instrumental album. No date for its release yet, but will be sometime this year it seems.

The Tennessean Article

The quick article has Paisley commenting on that he went to Joe Galante (Sony BMG Nashville's chairman) and talked about the idea, and was given the go ahead.

Paisley is one of the artists I mention when people ask what artists are my favorite, after I explain to them that is next to impossible for me to answer. Paisley is a true musical artist. He is one of the elite artists these days that understand the spirit of country music and honors the tradition. If you see him live or listen carefully to his albums, you notice three things. Lyrically strong songs, humor and love songs (sometimes combined,) and instrumentation. Paisley now has six albums (including one Christmas album) out that each showcase the first two signatures of his artistic expression, and now it sounds like the next album he will be given the chance to showcase the third in a way that isn't overlooked by the listener that gets the album just for the hit singles. Each of his albums have at least one instrumental on it, so why not a whole album?

One thing the article did say coming from Brad that he mention that it probably won't sell. I don't believe that.

The upcoming album, I believe will be full of energy and somehow he will work some humor into the instrumentals. I also expect some guest players that will be some of country's best of the best. The fans will buy this album, no doubt. We look for something a little different than the normal, and this is downright exciting for the country music community to anticipate.

I think the fans would be very happy to hear an album that songs in the likeness of "Nervous Breakdown," "Munster Red," "Spaghetti Western Swing," "Time Warp," "Jingle Bells," and "Throttleneck."

I can't really remember the last instrumental country album that has come out. So, yes it will be a bit of an experiment to see what happens, and I will be watching closely. If it does sell well, which I believe it will, another topic that comes up is what other artists could even have the ability to do this type of album. Not many, thats for sure...

Maybe the next album could be a gospel album... now, thats a good thought for sure.