Craig Morgan Leaves Broken Bow Records

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wow, I read the headline on a website I use that said "Shocker! Craig Morgan Leaves Broken Bow Records." That sums it up nicely.

Craig Morgan is one of the most talented artists out there. I have been a fan of his music since he started. In fact one of my first album reviews I did was his debut album, and had the chance to hand deliver a copy of it to him shortly after it was written.

Broken Bow Records will certainly miss him; The label's 2 biggest stars are Jason Aldean and Craig Morgan. Lila McCann, Crossin Dixon, and Megan Mullins are also on the label. Broken Bow is one of the independent labels that excites me that the artists there appear to have totally control over the music they make.

The news story does mention that he is staying with his manager, booking, and publicity agents. It also said that he will be announcing a new label affiliation soon. Billboard reports he will be going to a new label formed by the former VP of Broken Bow called Valory Music which currently has Jewel, Justin Moore, and Jimmy Wayne featured.

I hope that Morgan stays with an independent. His music style and talent fits so perfectly in that environment. Let's hope the Billboard report is true.