Country Music Hall of Fame To Announce Inductees Feb. 12

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Goodness, the 2008 inductees to the Country Music Hall of Fame are being announced mighty early. Years ago, it was during Fan Fair usually, 2002-2007 were announced in late August, and 2001 they were announced in July (12 inductees that year.)

This year's nominations according to will be announced February 12, 2008.

Why so early? I kinda enjoyed the anticipation through out the year of who may be inducted. The "official" induction does occur until the medallion ceremony in October. I'm sure next Tuesday it will make sense, maybe.

From reading the procedures for election of inductees, this year we should have three inductees. One will be “Career Achieved National Prominence Prior to World War II. One will be “Career Achieved National Prominence Between World War II and 1975.” One will be “Career Achieved National Prominence Between 1975 and the Present.” All three should be performers.

2005's categories are the same as this year, the induction procedures rotate every three years. That year Alabama, Glen Campbell, and Deford Bailey were inducted.

Its near impossible to predict who will be inducted. Every year is a surprise. In August of 2007, you will find a blog entry talking about a reader's poll from the that listed 10 artists that have been overlooked. That list is still true today. I found a quote from Vince Gill in 2006 that mentioned Reba McEntire, George Strait, and Randy Travis as possible inductees for that year. Very interesting in that Strait went in the next year and he did last year.

Tuesday we will know...