Jason Meadows "100% Cowboy"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Use the above link to listen to tracks and download this album, DRM-Free from Amazon.com

Wow, now why do all the great artists of today’s country music get hidden, well, I guess this is my role in being sure the reader’s of my material really get to hear some of the best country music. I should say real country music.

Jason Meadows started with the classic country music artist’s story. We have all heard it at one or another; the move to Nashville from Oklahoma with basically just his few items and a big dream. Beginning his work in construction and signing demo tapes, and even thought about moving back home, Meadows held on just long enough to be noticed at a party he was singing at. It was suggested to him many times that he try out for the third season “Nashville Star” and finished in 2nd place. Now, the long wait is over for the fans that supported him in the release of his debut album from Baccerstick Records titled “100% Cowboy.” The title can’t sum up Meadows music any better.

This ten track introduction to Meadows includes 8 songs co-written by him, and every single track is a solid example of what country music is all about. Like the lead off title track, for example, you can hear the excitement in his voice and your damn sure it’s autobiographical. The same goes for the next track, “Country As A Dirt Clod,” that has its humor, but truth in lyrics. With that passion, you can’t but help to really get into these two high paced country tunes.

It is mighty hard to say this, and I wouldn’t unless it was true. There is a sound of George Strait in his delivery and song choice. It may be taboo for an artist to hear such high praise, but you can’t help but not hear that level and style in his delivery.

Meadows has recently been nominated for the 2008 CMT Music Awards’ Tearjerker Video of the Year for the single “18 Video Tapes.” If the song itself doesn’t get a tear in your eye, the video certainly will. If it doesn’t, well I suggest you get your pulse checked. I will let you dive into the lyrics and the video for yourself, but its best to have a tissue nearby.

I can’t say enough about Meadows’ style of delivery. It’s the way country is supposed to. Listening to each and every track you know more than 100% that he is a cowboy at heart and country to the deepest level of inner self.

This album best end up in every country music loving fan, it’s just that good.