The 2008 Nashville Star is Melissa Lawson

Monday, August 04, 2008

Well, the show opened with Billy Ray Cyrus and the Nashville Star contestants performing "Achy Breaky Heart." (I know, who could've guessed that was going to happen.) Then the final 3 had the chance to perform. Gabe Garcia performing "Celebrity," Melissa Lawson performed "My Wish" and Sean Mayer performed "Gunpowder and Lead." Safe choices, since basically its all over now and just having fun.

After that final chance to perform,. Shawn Mayer was eliminated from the show. I know, not a surprise at this point, but I was really proud of how far she came through the competition and how much she improved from show to show.

And then there was two.

"The Time of My Life," the theme song from "Dirty Dancing" performed by Melissa and Gabe.

Melissa Lawson performed "Something More" after a small profile segment. Then is was Gabe's chance to get his chance to sing a final time on the show with "Gone Country." Each of the two really had a good time and appeared to enjoy their time on stage.

Then, it was decision time.... (after a short banter from the judges about who should win, some commercials, and a video piece on the recording of the first single)

The Warner Brothers recording contract, Toyota Tundra pickup truck, a performance at The Olympics, and a concert tour goes to....

Melissa Lawson.

More to come later. Melissa Lawson is the 2008 Nashville Star.