John Rich Supports McCain with a Free Download

Monday, August 18, 2008

John Rich these days is one of country music's most respected artists, songwriters, producers, and leaders in the industry. It feels like he is just about everywhere when it comes to country music.

He has has views on country music, and certainly doesn't mind sharing them. He also has his political view as well. He is supporting John McCain for President. He is supporting him so much that he has taken his talents and put them to work. Rich has written and recorded a song titled
"Raisin' McCain." He has also shot a video. That can be seen above or on his website.

You can download the song "Raisin' McCain" fore free, watch the video, and more from Rich's website:

The website also has a place to signup for e-mail updates on John Rich, including his upcoming solo album.

Whoever you support, or don't, in the upcoming election, you can at least enjoy another song from Rich. I must say that publicly, I do not support neither candidate. I am here to share country music news, commentary, and things, not expression of politics. There plenty of other blogs and such for that, and comments related to political views will be rejected on this post.