An Introduction to Carter's Chord

Friday, August 01, 2008

I have been taking some time on the front of my website to support Carter's Chord's single "Different Breed." I hope you got a chance to check them out up there. Another band, The Trailer Choir will be available in that top spot very soon. Anyway, I have been just dying to get a chance to get to the computer and tell you a little bit about this group...

Carter's Chord first and foremost are special to country music in that they are family. Three sisters... Becky, Emily and Joanna Robertson get to share with the country music world that awesome family harmony that no other than family members can deliver. You may have heard their debut single "Different Breed," but I sure hope you will listen to what else is out there from them on their debut album from Show Dog Records that is currently available via download. Another great example of their vocal greatness can be heard on each of the 10 tracks. Songs like "Young Love" highlight that family harmony. Other tracks such as "Boys Like You" are just plain a fun display of great talent, however, each and every track you get a good feeling from, that is no doubt.

I hope that you have already played the video at the very top that will give you a great look into the group... a really must see.

Carter's Chord has somewhat of a unique style. Contemporary, crisp, yet the core of the sound is most definitely country... no doubt. Show Dog Records is the most perfect place for this talented trio.

If you haven't taken the time to check out Carter's Chord for yourself, I highly suggest you do and be sure to download the entire album, if you just hear "Different Breed"... well, you are just missing out on a great new group. Something new with a high level of talent is always great.

Catch them out on tour with Toby Keith throughout August and September, download the new album, and visit their website now for much more information on them, as well as below you will find other links and videos to enjoy.

I have no doubt you will be a fan, like I became, from the first listen.

Tour Schedule (With Toby Keith, the Trailer Choir, and Mica Roberts):
8.01.2008 Tinley Park, IL
8.02.2008 Noblesville, IN
8.03.2008 Burgettstown, PA
8.09.2008 Bristow, VA
8.10.2008 Hartford, CT
8.15.2008 Virginia Beach, VA
8.21.2008 Meadville, PA
8.22.2008 Holmdel, NJ
8.23.2008 Darien Center, NY
8.28.2008 Syracuse, NY
9.11.2008 Atlanta, GA
9.13.2008 Cuyahoga Falls, OH
9.18.2008 Albuquerque, NM

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