Sugarland "Love on the Inside"

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sugarland - Love On the Inside (Deluxe Fan Edition) Download from I-Tunes.

Sugarland's newest release "Love on the Inside" compliments their previous two releases very nicely. They have proved to me that they are well established and stick to their style and sound nicely. You can download it and listen to clips using either Amazon or I-Tunes links above. The Amazon widget will play clips for you as well, while you are reading right here.

"All I Want To Do" is the lead single from the album and boy what a great song. There more from where that one came from as well. Digging into the album, you will find some other singles that are just a as good and better waiting for you... "It Happens" has a great catchy sound that will get you further hooked on the album, I hear a radio hit waiting for this track. Each and every track on this album is a real gem. It has a great contemporary country sound remembering tradition in the same breath.

As you look through the lyrics and begin to really listen closely to the songs on this album, you really start to understand its depth. This is one of the best albums to come out in a long time I think. This one is for all country fans to hear. "Love" is an example of this thought. Listening quickly, I hear a good song, then reading and taking in the lyrics you begin to understand the power in it.

I really could go through each track for paragraphs, but I will refrain, and just be sure you understand you needto hear this album and make it apart of your collection. However, I will comment on two more. "Steve Earle" is a great song, well, a plea for him to write a song for Sugarland. Its a great one to hear and maybe even more importantly, it just may get a few Sugarland fans to dig into an artist like Earle. The last track on the standard edition, "Very Last Country Song" is worth picking up the album alone. The lyrics are chilling to a country fan:
But if life stayed the way it was
And lovers never fell out of love
If memories didn't last to longIf nobody did nobody wrong
If we knew what we had before it was gone
If every road led back homeThis would beThe country song
Now that's a powerful lyric. All the tracks on this CD lead co-writing credits to Sugarland which again, says a lot about this album.

This album is country. This album really impressed me and I hope you will go pick up a copy of it as well. You are in for a treat.

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