Bill Engvall "Aged And Confused"

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Now, I don't do too many comedy reviews, however, when it comes to the cast of The Blue Comedy Tour (original group,) I just have to be sure you all know about it. This time around, its a new album from Bill Engvall. The album is titled "Aged and Confused."

This album is classic Bill Engvall, and its best; this routine talks about true life. Engvall being 52 years old, the album deals with some of those experiences. It talks about married life, vacation trips, and much more... in Engvall style, of course.

Its nice to put the album in and hear the same style of comedy that I remember from his 1996 Platinum debut solo album, "Here's Your Sign."

If you own or heard anything else from Bill Engvall, you will love this album just as you do the rest...

The album was recorded at The Vic Theatre in Chicago, Illinois and is goes on sale today in stores and of course from above, or digitally download below as you can also listen to clips from the album.