Change In Country Music's Sound?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

You know, I've been thinking this past week or so... there something pretty exciting going on in country music these days. I feel like there has been a shift in the music that we get to listen, it might be slight, as in nothing drastic, but I really do feel like there has been a positive change in the music.

Look at some of the recent singles hitting the charts and radio...

  • The Lost Trailers "Country Folks (Livin' Loud)"
  • Chris Young "Getting You Home"
  • Luke Bryan "Do I"
  • Kenny Chesney with Dave Matthews "I'm Alive"
  • Tim McGraw's new album
  • Eric Church
Now these are just a few of the examples I found looking at this point: There is a turn I believe for a more country sound in country radio. Its not a major overhaul, but, its slight. Biggest deal I see is in the lyrics. I feel excited again lately with my country music. I have always and always will love country music, but there are times there is a bigger spark, and that time seems to be right now. This is especially so considering that in the past months or so, I felt more critical about the music I love rather than positive.

Its not just the new artists either, as you can see from the small list of examples above. I mean, Tim McGraw's newest release is amazing. That album is filled with what I look for in a solid country album.

The pop country is just that. It doesn't really get in my soul and power that love of the music far, but real strong lyric writing and a true country sound does. There hundreds of songs out there that don't have the substance that a true country song should. In the last few weeks though, some of the music I am hearing has substance and even carry a country sound.

I sure hope we are seeing a turn and that change of direction will continue. The country music industry takes a long time to move in another direction... this just may be the beginning, but at the same time, I certainly won't get my hopes up.

Do you feel the same way? Are you finding certain songs and artists are grabbing your attention a little more than say 2 months ago? Or do see it worse? Or do you like the pop mainstream sound in country? I'd love to hear from you....