CMA Awards My Final Say

Sunday, November 06, 2005

CMA Awards, My Final Say.

Alright, the nominations were announced and the voting is complete, the presenters and the performers are all announced (hopefully).  It is now a week away.

This whole New York thing was been proven to be a mistake, just like I said when it was announced a long time ago.  The CMA had to do specific things to pull this off.  They didn’t do those things, yet made the mistake of commercializing this evening that is special for the CMA and the fans of the music all over the world.

Now its time to get it over with, let the ratings come in.  High or not, it doesn’t matter. It is now a publicity stunt and probably will turn into an embarrassment for the CMA and country music.  We will tackle that when it happens.

A year from now, the CMA will hold its 40th show, back in Nashville, where the show belongs.  Will the CMA learn from this mess and give us fans what we really want?  Time will tell.