Thoughts on the CMA's Part 2: The Speeches

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Please, please, please.... next year, would the CMA cut out at least 1 performance. This will give an additional 3 or so minutes for the acceptance speeches. Kenny Chesney got cut off last year and this year Lee Ann Womack (twice,) Keith Urban and Glen Campbell were hurried, and the worst was Alabama.

Sure, I understand they don't want them to go on and on, like Womack probably could. However, they need just a little more time. The fans want to hear them, unlike some other awards. These artists are like friends to their fans.

Alabama should have planned a little better. They were going to have limited time and there was four of them. Still, they should have had a little more time... they are Hall of Famers now.

Best Speeches:
Bill Anderson. In the brink of tears, Anderson was so humbled that still after all his years in the business, he is still accepted and honored. The best line of the night came from him, "I'm supposed to be whispering, but I feel like shouting tonight"

Lee Ann Womack. Taking the first award of the night, she did a great job of delivering the most important message of the night. It had to be said by someone... if your listen to music that doesn't mean anything to you, give your country radio station a try. (Too bad New Yorkers don't have that chance, yet)