Writer not a fan, but trying

Saturday, November 12, 2005

BCNG Portals Page

I found this article this morning as I was going through my e-mail this morning. Basically, from what it sounds from the article, she tries twice a year to become a fan of the music. This time around she picked an independent artist (good move) and Kenny Chesney's new album (bad move.)

No wonder why she is turned off to the music. Chesney's new album is one of the worst albums out there right now (review on the website coming soon.) Country music fans know whats good music and hooked us on the music, and what isn't. Sure, we have our "superfans" that if the artist put out a blank CD with their name on it, they would love it.

I have sent an e-mail off of a online feedback form on the site to the writer. I have invited her to e-mail me and have gaurnteed I will make her a fan of the music.

I will keep you posted on what happens if I hear from the writer. I hope I do. I have challenged myself, and believe I can do it.