Thoughts on the CMA's Part 3: Overall

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Overall, the CMA just may have pulled this off. It came in the last week. Country music was all over the TV, radio, and newspapers. That is what did it. Not the special non-country people showing up, but the absolute media blast. (I will talk about that tomorrow in depth)

The biggest mistake I still think were the additions of the performers from outside of the country music community.

The support of the City of New York appeared awesome. That helped so much. Mayor Micahel Bloomberg introduced Garth Brooks. The Mayor of Nashville Bill Purcell was also present at the awards.

I also think, that just maybe, there could be chance that New York will have the return of a country music station. We will just have to see what happens.

This was so close to being what I would call a disaster, but the day after, I am pretty proud of what the CMA did this year. I just can't wait til next year where the show is back in Nashville and can celebrate the 40th.