Glen Campbell

Monday, November 14, 2005

By now you know that Glen Campbell is one of the 3 inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame this year. As I was sitting here getting ready for work, I was watching FOX News as usual. By chance, I catch the great Campbell on the "Day Side." Wow, he looked and sounded great. The audience was loving the performance as well as the hosts. He did "Rhinestone Cowboy" and some of "Whithca Linemen."

I began to think.

What an awesome artist. He is one of those artists that I truly think of as a living icon of the music. In his own way, he has done so much for the music and when I hear his music, I come to a stop. I don't do that for many artists, that is for sure.

I have only seen him perform 1 time. A performance I will never forget. It was a 1/2 Christmas Show and the other portion was his own music. I hope to see him again.

He is such a great pick for the Hall of Fame. I have a feeling he will be very active in his support of the tradition of the Hall. Once again, congrats to Mr. Campbell on this honor.