Charlie Daniels Invited to the Opry

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Well, here we go again... Josh Turner sure didn't get too long as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. Now, its Charlie Daniels turn..

I do have a question, why did it take so long? Daniels is a perfect choice to be an Opry member and will uphold the tradition of the Opry to its highest level. Come to think of it, he really has even without being a member.

Charlie Daniels is one of country music's most special treasures, some of the finest southern music has come from him. One of the biggest hearts and pride of being an American fills the heart and soul of Charlie Daniels. Daniels is the type of artist I consider a role model.

What a great thing for country music. Congratulations to Charlie Daniels and job well done Grand Ole Opry for inviting him, even though it may be many years overdue.