Country Music's Upcoming Week

Friday, November 02, 2007

Country music fans have a huge week ahead of us. Tuesday, Garth Brooks' new album/DVD package hits stores and then Wednesday, The CMA Awards. Wow.

In all the anticipation, it is important to be sure you share that excitement with co-workers, friends, and family. Not only the ones that you know are country music fans, but all of them.

Monday, Let them have that chance to feel your anticipation in the next few days of what it feels like to wait for Garth Brooks to release a new album, and then let them understand how much you enjoy it after you get it out of the plastic and listen/watch for the very first time on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, be sure they know what you are doing that evening; watching a showcase of talent from the past year and finding out who wins the awards. Then Thursday, share your thoughts on the performances and your opinion on the winners.

You understand the power of country music. You understand the great feeling the sounds make you feel and what a country song means to you; the true life lyrical journeys, the expression of feelings, and of course just the make you feel good party songs. Reaching out, just making a few comments on the upcoming week's events may be last one spark that is needed for you to birth another country music fan. They will thank you.

Stay tuned... we have a busy week ahead of us.