Glen Campbell: Good Times Again DVD

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

TimeLife.comGlen Campbell: Good Times Again DVD

What a cool DVD, man, there is some good treasures out there. This is one of them, this single DVD has great performances from Glen Campbell himself, as well as duets with Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and more. Oh, yes, more like Roger Miller and Glen Campbell singing "King of the Road," one of my favorite songs, and this performance is quiet entertaining I must say.

The DVD also is great in the great insight into Glen Campbell that it provides through his commentary throughout.

This is the kind of thing we need so much more of from the legends. The Hall of Fame members, the Opry stars, and all the legends out there. It gives us not only some great music, but a piece of history to share and keep. Their voice and words preserved for us forever. I believe this type of DVD is so important.