"The Ultimate Hits" Garth Brooks

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The day has arrived, Garth Brooks "The Ultimate Hits" 3 disc set is in my hand, and in the player. Of course, the blood is pumping to hear the new songs. I put the CD in the player and "Ain't Going Down (Til' The Sun Comes Up)" begins and well I start to sing. I notice I've listened to the entire song, and then I finally have to force myself to head to the new song, that is the current single "More Than A Memory" Again, I'm lost in his music, physically having to think that I want to go to the new song "Midnight Sun" a few tracks down. Incredible, what a great song. How special to hear something new from Garth. I make it to the second, focused on wanting to hear "Workin' For A Livin" with Huey Lewis.... Garth style, and that's high class no doubt. I make it through to the final new song, "Leave A Light On" this is one of those power-ballad style songs that grabs you in and takes you on a beautiful musical journey. Give it to me Garth... wow...

As I'm listening, flipping through the cover. The great photography work, the dedications and yes, even the lyrics are there for you, if you haven't memorized them by now. Nothing like a well done cover to a CD.

The DVD is just another amazing experience, a roll down a visual memory lane, topped off with 3 new videos. Classic style videos like "The Thunder Rolls," Live videos from Central Park, televised videos like "Two Pina Coladas" with Steve Wariner, or "Beer Run" where Garth's takes his hat off to George Jones' entrance at the CMA Awards. All your special visual memories are all on the collection.

Those new videos are as high caliber as the rest. "More Than A Memory" is a beautiful rain filled video of amazing feeling. "Workin' For A livin" is a fun video featuring Huey Lewis at Atlanta Motor Speedway featuring NASCAR, with a emphasis on the Home Depot car. "Midnight Sun" is yet another great video starting around a campfire, with a little surprise.

Boy, Garth Brooks really knows how to do it, yet again. The master of marketing, music, visual experience, and well, just Garth. Every fan of country music needs to have their hands on this collection, and the Garth Brooks fans that say I don't need this one, I have everything he has done, well... I say to you, 1- no you don't, there new songs and 2- the videos all in one spot is pretty amazing.

Thanks Garth, yet again, here is another special collection for us. Thank you.