Lastly, On Garth...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alright, Im just as tired of writing about Garth Brooks as you are reading about it on my blog. I mean really, the man is one of the most influencial artists of our time and has passed Elvis for most selling solo artist.

However, this past Thursday I had the chance to catch the Kansas City concert via my local movie theater. It in itself, watching a music concert in a movie theater was a little odd feeling a first, but I very quickly became comfortable with the surroundings. I enjoyed the music of Mr. Brooks and watching the crowd reaction to his music, however the most interesting thing was to be in an enviroment where I could observe his current emotional reactions and his facical expressions during a live event.

At the end of the show, he made a comment that if you wait for him, he will be back. Well, Ive predicted a lot of things about Garth that have become true, and I'm ready to do it again... The wait won't be long for another chance to see Garth live. No, I don't have inside sources or even some magical potion to look into the future, but I did watch Garth Brooks come alive on screen. It was like, even though this was the 9th show, a re-birth of this power within himself came alive again. He was having fun. He was still as humbled and amazed by the audience reaction to his talents. If Garth can figure out somehow of making his top priority of being with his family remain strong and do some type of tour, he's gonna do it. Im sure the brainstorming is going wild in his head ever since he went down the final stage step Wednesday night.

If you went to the show or to the moview theater, you understand the feeling I saw out of Garth, and if you have followed his career, you know there is this huge burning desire to be back on stage and recording even more. Garth Brooks is a master of performance, talent, and marketing. If there is any way possible, without being away from his family and home for any length of time that will be of impact, he will be back on stage sooner. If that can be worked out is the key, if it doesn't happen, trust me, Garth Brooks fans will wait.... and will be there ready with our hearts and wallets open.

Ok, thats all for now on Garth, the new album is out, the 9 night concert sell out is complete, and now I guess I assume he is back home with his family.... and until his next announcement, interview, or whatever it may be, I will be here ready to write on it.

For now, thank you Garth for the new music and the theater presentation of your concert.