“American Saturday Night” Brad Paisley

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brad Paisley’s newest release “American Saturday Night” is his 8th album as he is celebrating 10 years of recording country music. I believe his one of the best of today’s contemporary country music artists. Paisley’s strength has come through experience and his own unique creativity that he brings to the music both lyrically and musical delivery. From the first album, he has remained a strong artist.

This most recent release includes great songs including the title track, “Welcome to the Future”, “The Pants, and “Water” that all fulfill Paisley’s excellence in light-hearted fun tunes… and “Then,” and “She’s Her Own Woman” fulfills Paisley’s talent for slower/ballad songs. This shows that Paisley still has his creative mind flowing with the best he can produce, making for an entertaining listen throughout.

With the good about this album mentioned, there is something missing. Well, it’s a lot of something missing. The previous albums included two things; an instrumental and a gospel tune. Most of the previous albums included Little Jimmy Dickens and other Opry legends. None of the three aspects of Paisley appear here. Sure, the 15 tracks are excellent, and yes, there plenty of hits from the album already and waiting to become chart-toppers, but there with the 3 aspects of this album not there, it is a bit disappointing.

The album does still show off Paisley’s excellent guitar talent, his great vocals, and lyrically a fairly strong release, with focus on retrospective themes. If you have never heard a Paisley album before, then you will find this one a good listen…if you have his other albums, then you will be somewhat disappointed in what you hear, and don’t.

Overall Grade: B