"The Highway Patrol" XM/Sirius Listener Survey

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Are you an XM or Sirius subscriber? Well, you know about The Highway XM 16/ SIRIUS 60, then, its the top 40 country station basically. Those of us that enjoy it, know its more than that. Anyway, I want to be sure you all know about a new feature available on the website. You may have heard promotional spots for it. Its the "Highway Patrol."

The Highway Patrol is a way listeners can rate the songs that we and like, and don't... also if you are tired of hearing the particular song. The survery is a bit long, but you don't have to listen to the full clip in order to choose your answer, which is nice.

So, if you are a XM/Sirius listener, take the time to join. It will be interesting to see if the information they collect is truly used in the decisions of programming the station.